Pure Sweet Scottish Tablet

Buy Scottish tablet direct from island makers on isle20. No fudge here, just pure sweet tablet joy.

Roses are red

Violets are blue

Scottish tablet is sweet

And delicious too

When is that small square of sweet irresistible deliciousness called fudge, and when is it called tablet?

Some would say it doesn’t matter, they are both outrageously moreish sugary treats. When you buy Scottish tablet you will discover that it has a harder, almost (but crucially not) brittle, grainy texture. All of which enhances the joy of rolling it around one’s mouth. As such it is sumptuously different, and not to be confused with it’s softer, perhaps creamier cousin, fudge.

Moreover, within the name ‘Scottish tablet’ reside a plethora of regional and family variations on the theme. Precious recipes passed along from granny to grandson, uncle to niece, shared friend to friend.

As with shortbread, scones and bannocks, secret ingredients and methods abound within the realm of Scottish tablet making!

Buy Scottish Tablet on isle20

We cannot share the secrets held within their sumptuous creations here. But we can share our Scottish island makers’ scrumdiddlyumptious range of homemade offerings, via isle20 so that you can buy Scottish tablet and test it for yourself. Here’s a mouthwatering selection:

Donnie’s Tablet Shed at Waternish in the Isle of Skye, is where Donnie creates batches of his unique melt-in-your-mouth Scottish tablet. He’s always happy to receive visitors to his shed, or to post gift-boxed tablet to your home. Donnie also offers a range of hampers and gift sets, so there’s something for everyone here.

Up in Orkney, Jane and Paul of JP Orkney produce a wonderful selection of flavoured tablets. You can buy packets of chocolate, vanilla, coffee and cardamon flavoured tablet individually. Or take a look through their range of hampers filled with Orkney produce both sweet and savoury. Jams, chutneys, tablet, fatty cutties, star-shaped brownies and many more Orcardian treats can be included in your picnic hamper.

Or how about a tipple with your tablet from Arran? The Tartan Tablet Company, use fine Scottish malts and specialist gins to create their tempting tablets. Choose two bags, or six small bags for your gift box, or you can go for a mighty 100 squares of any of the flavours! 

These are a few of our favourite things.

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