Stunning silver jewellery!

If you are looking for a shiny piece of contemporary silver jewellery, look no further! The isle20 magpies have gathered a few of the best Scottish silver jewellery for you to choose from – all from independent makers in the islands of Scotland!

Cowrie shell necklaces and earrings from Marion Miller Jewellery are a lovely reminder of the beach. Did you know that cowries were once used as currency? From cowrie currency to contemporary bling!

Up in Shetland, Coleen from Yala brings Crofthooses bang up to date with her pendants and studs whilst Jordane from Islewear in Lewis puts a new twist on pearls.

Catriona from whaleSongtiree uses reclaimed metal to make heart shaped pendants and she crafts celtic designs in modern silver to produce beautiful rings. And that’s to name only a few of our makers.

Some of our favourite pieces are below. Whether you are buying for yourself, or someone else, we hope you’ll find the perfect thing.

Contemporary Silver Jewellery from the Scottish islands

If you are still searching for a the perfect thing, why not take a look at our inspiring Stone Jewellery?

If you’re not quite sure that jewellery is the thing, try the main shop. It is full to the brim with other original ideas!