Gifts for wild swimmers

Gifts for wild swimmers can be hard to find! After all – who knows what costume or towel is best, and they probably have a favourite already…

Fear not! We have the perfect selection of ideas for people who are wild about the water – and you are sure to know one!

Wild swimming has increased in popularity across the country over the last few years, as more and more people enjoy the benefits of cold water. Once you’ve done it, it is easy to get addicted. They say that the endorphins from swimming in cold water are incredible!

With all those people addicted to their new hobby, there is a whole new set of present options – wild swimming gifts!

Six perfect gifts for wild swimmers

1. Cosy Hand-crocheted Beanie

black and green beanie for wild swimmers
A hand-crocheted beanie from the Isle of Arran

They would love this hand-crocheted beanie from Gleann Co on the Isle of Arran. It is ideal for keeping the head warm before, during and after a swim.

2. Wild Swimmer’s Gift Box with Salted Caramel Chocolate

Wild swimmer's gift box
The ultimate gift for those who dook

This gift box is the PERFECT gift for a wild swimmer. From Mella Handmade Soap in Unst, it features:

  • Mella West Shore Spirit Soap,
  • Mella Chamomile and Calendula Body Salve and
  • A Mella Sea Salt and Driftwood cande
  • Tiree Tea’s warming Ferry Berry tea
  • Isle of Skye Salted Caramel Chocolate Bar

3. Mounted Swimming Print

a print for a wild swmmer

You are only one swim away from a good mood! Seaholly Studio in Bute is absolutely right. Why not treat yourself or a friend to this cheerful print?

4. Ferry Berry Tea – a warming spicy delight

Warming and delicious all year round!

When you have been swimming in cold water it is important to warm up from the inside first and this is the best spiced tea for the job. It’s tasty, and warming and it has just a hint of chilli. For the chilly…

5. Hand-knitted Ribbed Headband

A warm grey handknitted headband

If a hat isn’t their style, what about a headband? This stunning headband from Ascog Wool is hand made from hand-spun yarn which is guaranteed to keep the ears cosy.

6. Sweet Treats from JP Orkney

a box of sweet treats. Just one of our gifts for wild swimmers
Sweet JP Hamper of joy!

If your wild swimmer has a sweet tooth, then giving them this is a great way to help them replenish some energy after a dook. We tested The Sweet JP Hamper and declared it AMAZING!

It includes:

  • Fatty Cutties (2x75g) (Made for delivery and have 4 weeks shelf life)
  • Chocolate Tablet (100g)
  • Coffee Tablet (100g)
  • Vanilla Tablet (100g)
  • Cardamom & White Chocolate Tablet (100g)

And that’s it! We’ve reached the end of our SIX brilliant gifts for wild swimmers to keep them warm inside and out, full of sugar and smiling!

If this didn’t float your boat, then we highly recommend that you visit the isle20 marketplace for more gift inspiration from hundreds of businesses across the Scottish islands.

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