The Angry Triangle


The Angry Triangle

About me

The Angry Triangle is the nickname of a Hebridean sheep in the Isle of Tiree. She lives on the Tiree Tea croft, and whenever she is getting ready to have a lamb she gets steadily more triangular and more furious looking.

She is popular on social media where an annual cry of “Behold, the return of the Angry Triangle” usually garners about 7 likes.

The entire flock numbers around 60, with Hebrideans, Hebridean Texel crosses in brown and white, a bouncing Beltex tup called Colonel Nut-Clackers and a Blue Texel ram called Little Blue Dangles. Meet the flock here!

The price of wool is at an all time low, and black wool is particularly low value, so after a wee chat with the Angry Triangle and her flockmates – all of whom were furious about the situation, we decided to try selling some.

The humans in this exercise are Rhoda – who keeps the sheep and runs Tiree Tea, and Becca, a weaver in the Isle of Harris who runs Taobh Tuath Tweeds.

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