Build your own Mother’s Day hamper!

Give the ultimate mothers day hamper this year, full of unknown treats and inspired ideas.

Think of the mothers in your life, be they your very own Mum, granny, mother of your children or friend. It’s not always easy to find the right thing. We’ve put together all the ingredients for a productive isle20 shopping session with them in mind. If you want to build your own mothers’ day gift hamper, tailored to your loved one’s tastes and likes, here are some ideas:

(Oh and why not pack it up in a reusable bag?)

A skin, bath and body Mother’s Day hamper

Colonsay based Island Elements offer a lovely Rose and Geranium skin cream, made using locally grown herbs and island sourced seaweeds. There’s a choice of  sea kelp shampoo or rosemary and sage shampoo available too.

From the beautiful island of Lismore come Shepherd’s Cottage Soaps. Choose from lavender and camomile, pink rose clay, island nettle or seaweed soaps. All are handmade using only finest ingredients with no artificial fragrances or preservatives. In naturally gorgeous colours, each bar is finished with an attractive carved image. They come in environmentally friendly packaging.

Medical herbalist Jeanette at the Apothecarys Garden in Skye, makes a lovely range of soaps and shampoo bars, including their goats’ milk and honey bar. Full honeycomb, from Skye’s beekeepers, and goat’s milk from the Scottish Highlands, pack this soap with moisturising and hydrating agents. All are parabens and SLS free, wrapped in bio-degradable or recyclable material. 

Speaking of eco friendly products, how about these ingenious reusable cotton pads to top off your mothers day hamper? Pretty eco, pretty useful, and also very pretty! Sarah at Lubadair is the artisan who makes these and many other eco friendly creative delights from her Iona home.

Tea, coffee and a biscuit? Throw in some chocs

If victuals are of more interest to the mother in question, here are some isle20 beverage and sweet treat ideas:

A truly scrumptious flower power herbal tea can be sourced from Shetland’s Island Botanicals. Pink with Chamomile, Linden Blossom, Passion Flower, HIbiscus, Rose flowers, this brew will help relax and unwind.

Calm shores can also be reached with a blend of organic chamomile, lemon balm, nettle and wild dulce seaweed. Created by Sea Tea on Kerrera, choose this for a natural, uncaffeinated way to unwind. Or try Cocorose, with coco shell, rose bud, wild kelp, nettle and vanilla, for for soothing relaxation. Sea teas come in lovely tins. Who can resist a lovely tin to complete their mothers day hamper?

More of a coffee head? Tiree’s Hebridean Roast has created Crossapol Colombian, a hand roasted speciality coffee with real depth of character.  Strong notes of molasses, hazelnuts, caramel and liquorice, and a rich smoky aroma make this an extra special coffee-time treat.

Knowing how well coffee and chocolate go together, how about adding an Islay loaf bar to your mothers day hamper? This milk chocolate bar topped with caramelised walnuts, mixed spice and raisins is part of IslayCocoa’s delectable range.

A more eclectic Mother’s Day gift hamper…

For a real keeper, that unique and ‘forever’ gift,  Islay Celtic Craft Shop stock this lovely leather bookmark

A poetry lover? Pauline Prior-Pitt has written and produced her North Uist Sea Poems into a beautiful handmade, handstitched pamphlet. Winner of the Callum MacDonald Award, any book lover will appreciate Pauline’s anthologies.

Need something to occupy hand and mind? A Harris tweed jigsaw will do that. From traditional weaver Taobh Tuath Tweeds, these jigsaws excel in both their finished beauty and their excrutiating difficulty. This will impress the habitual jigsaw expert! 

For the sound hound in your life, Orcadian Kathie Touin sings heartfelt songs on Facing the Falling Sky

“…truly brilliant. It’s like a late-night conversation with an old friend in a remote windswept house.” says DJ Steve Conway

Is that enough to inspire you? Hopefully! Still looking? Let us help. Try this collection of candle gifts, or this selection of sparkly jewellery.

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