Hebridean Stone Jewellery

Green stone jewellery, pink, black, white… When it comes to using rock to make jewellery, the options are endless.

The Scottish islands are not short of rock. From marble to gneiss and everything inbetween, they are most visible around the rocky coast lines and beaches – but they tend not to be too far under the ground either!

In the Isle of Tiree, the Isle of Harris, and elsewhere, island makers are using this natural and abundant resource to craft stone jewellery, bowls and even stone ice cubes.

If you like your jewellery natural and eco friendly, it doesn’t come much better than this.

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Gneiss Things – Isle of Harris

In the Isle of Harris you will find Gneiss Things with their broad range of stone jewellery! They make stone earrings and stone pendants as well as keyrings, bowls and cubes.

Gneiss is a type of rock common to the Hebrides, in fact the main outcrops of the Lewisian rocks are on the islands of the Outer Hebrides, including Lewis. Wikipedia can tell you all about the Lewisian Complex in great detail!

Hebridii Stonecraft – Isle of Tiree

In Tiree you will find Hebridii Stonecraft where James polishes and shines the rare Tiree green marble until it sparkles, before turning it into exquisite green stone jewellery like necklaces, pendants and earrings.

Tiree marble is unique to the Inner Hebridean island on the scottish west coast . The metamorphic rock, believed to be a windblown sand around 3 – 1.7 billion years old.

Hazel’s Sea Jewellery – Isle of Colonsay

In Colonsay, Hazel uses sea glass and pebbles from the beach to create a stunning range of unique pieces of jewellery set in silver. Her pebble rings and pendants are just beautiful

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