About us

Scottish Island Gifts is run by a social enterprise called Isle Develop CIC.

We started life as isle20 during the Covid pandemic in 2020. In 2023 we became a fully-fledged digital agency that builds great websites and develops simple digital solutions. We are headquartered in the Isle of Tiree.

We have an all-female Board of Directors based between Tiree, Harris, Jura and Edinburgh.

Our Vision

Our vision is to support thriving island communities by using tech to grow wealth and keep it local.

We reinvest our profits into the islands.

We do that in two ways.

By offering free or subsidised digital support to community groups, small businesses and entrepreneurs who couldn’t otherwise afford to access it.

And by running Scottish Island Gifts and isleHoliday to the benefit of our communities.

Our Team

Rhoda Meek

Managing Director

Superpowers: Information structuring and organisation. User experience.

Rou Worsley

Digital Trainee

Superpowers: Graphic design, illustration and animation.

Rebecca Hutton


Superpowers: Managing all things related to Scottish Island Gifts. Asking awkward questions.

Mark Vale


Superpowers: Wrangling databases. Writing great code. Debugging.

Ann MacDonald


Superpowers: Cashflow, projections, accountancy and the odd reality check.

Catriona Smith


Superpowers: Advising on all things isleHoliday. Making sure Rhoda adds receipts.

Kirsten Gow


Superpowers: Data analysis. Island facts and figures. Making meetings happen.

Catriona MacLennan


Superpowers: Small business practicalities. Media and content expertise.