Do you sell things in the Scottish islands? Join us!

It doesn’t matter whether you currently sell from an honesty box, a craft fair, a facebook page or have your own premises and website – you are welcome here. 

We’re determined to advertise and promote businesses in the Scottish islands to the very best of our abilities – big or small, whether you have an online shop already, or not! Find out more about us.

ps. Did you know that we are a social enterprise

How to sell on Scottish Island Gifts

If you have a small business in any of the Scottish islands, and sell physical or digital products, you can sign up to sell directly on Scottish Island Gifts (just like other online marketplaces such as Etsy or Folksy)

Start by going to and register for an account. Pick “Vendor” and fill in your information.  Once you are set up, head for the settings section, and add your header image and profile image. We will be in touch to say hi!

We can help you get set up if necessary. 

You get your own shop page. You can link to it from anywhere. This is a good example

We have no upfront costs. When an item sells we simply take a fee based on the product price. The fee is set at 20% of the item price. For example, when something sells, you would get 80% of the price of the item, and 100% of whatever shipping fee is set.

You ship the item to the customer.

Your earnings are sent to you immediately, and automatically.

There are no other fees and no restrictions on selling elsewhere. You can leave whenever you choose!

All businesses selling with us get mentioned regularly on social media and have their products promoted across all social channels. Products may appear in adverts, press coverage and other marketing materials.

You do not need to have a website or an online shop already – we will get you set up with your very own page.

If you’re interested or just want to find out more, email us – and we’ll get you sorted!

Got questions?

Email us – and we’ll do our very best to help!