About me

We are on a mission to bring mustard back to the status it deserves.

We’re as keen as mustard to tell you that mustard is more than just a blob on your plate or only goes with steak and sausages. Sadly, people have over the years, forgotten that good mustard is much more than the soulless industrial pastes that are commonly found today.

Mustard is such a versatile addition to any culinary dish. Try it out. You will be surprised at how mustard lifts, develops and improves your cuisine. And if one type doesn’t work for you there are many more to try out. Cooking with Mustheb mustards will provide some very exceptional taste surprises.

We want Mustheb to be a part of your daily cooking life. The high quality of our products and the fact that our mustards make you feel good has already led to a growing number of Mustheb fans around the world. We love to see the number of Mustheb lovers growing steadily.

At Mustheb, we believe that true success comes from loyal and returning customers, and customers return when they are happy. Whether it is our mustard seeds, the vinegar, the sea salt, the different kinds of sugars, our honey or the spices: we check every single ingredient for its high quality, even if it is added only in small doses. Quality is extremely important to us. Every jar contains just natural ingredients.

It’s the balance of acidity, sweetness and spiciness that regularly blows our customers away. The use of the best ingredients comes entirely without additives. Every jar is filled with love, packed with care in the tranquillity and peace of the Isle of Harris