Moongazing hares

moongazing hares gifts

We’ve got a lot of moongazing hares, and other hare-related items for sale on isle20! It is alleged that the Celts considered hares to be magical, mystical creatures. They were never eaten. Rather, they were accorded great respect.

They were symbols of growth, new-beginnings and prosperity.

In Europe the hare became synonymous with moon-related deities. And so, the moongazing hare concept was born.

The hare was also sacred to the goddess Eostre and apparently is what eventually became known as the Easter bunny.

So, is a hare a good omen? Well, it depends. If you were not in a good frame of mind, seeing a hare could be a bad omen – invoking the otherworld, or a harbinger of death.

All of our hares seem fairly benign, and come in a range of forms, shapes and sizes. We’ve added them below.

Moongazing hare gifts

If the moongazing hares didn’t quite fit the bill and you are still looking for inspiration, why not head on over to the shop to keep hunting through our treasure trove of handmade island gifts.

And here’s a fun fact – in Tiree, there are no rabbits. Only hares.

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