Scottish island gins

When it comes to gin Scotland is right up there producing the FINEST in the world. In fact over 70% of the UK’s gin is made in Scotland. So, what makes Scottish gin and island gins in particular so good?

Well, it’s all down to the AMAZING ingredients, distilling skills which are rooted in island traditions and communities and a passion for making premium products in beautiful surroundings.

There are many Scottish island gins to try and here on isle20 we have some of the BEST. We have island gins right from the far north in Shetland to the whisky island of Islay. Now making a name making a name for itself in the world of Scottish island gin as well as whisky.


Shetland Reel has five gins and a gin liquor available on isle20 all made on the UK’s most northerly island of Unst. The Shetland Reel Original uses the sweet scented leaves of apple mint, grown and harvested in Unst. Visit the Shetland Reel isle20 shop HERE

Isle of Skye

The Isle of Skye Distillers are located in Portree and were the first distillery to produce gin and vodka in Skye. They have five gins, including the delicious Misty Isle Mulled Christmas Gin. Don’t forget a mulled gin isn’t just for Christmas. Buy Misty Isle Gin HERE


Next we are heading over to the Isle of Jura Lussa Gin is a women-owned gin company and they create a FANTASTIC gin using 15 botanicals from the island! Lussa Gin is available in a gift box with two engraved Lussa Gin Distillery glasses, the perfect gift for a gin-loving chum. Shop for Lussa Gin HERE


The next Scottish island gin we are looking at is in Tiree. Tiree is the most westerly of the Inner Hebrides and enjoys the most hours of sunshine in Scotland. The key botanicals in Tyree gin are the machair flowers which thrive in the sunshine and locally sourced kelp from the pristine Atlantic waters. Buy Tyree Gin HERE


Barra Atlantic Gin has won multiple awards and is delicious as it looks. The key botanical is the organically grown carageen seaweed which is hand-harvested from the shores of Barra and provides the inspiration for the gorgeous packaging. They have just added a lovely and refreshingly sweet rhubarb and heather liquor to their collection too. Visit the Barra Gin isle20 shop HERE


Finally to Islay, an island synonymous with distilling with a rich heritage of whisky with nine world famous whisky distilleries. But it’s not all about whisky in Islay! On isle20 we have not one but two FANTASTIC gins from Islay available! Firstly Jukebox Gin, a versatile island gin suitable for cocktails, with tonic or neat. Designed by bartenders for discerning drinkers, this gin will be sure to suit all tastes.  Buy Jukebox Gin HERE

Nerabus Islay Gin also hails from the whisky isle. Drs John and Audrey Gow are the characters behind Nerabus Gin which blends juniper berries, herbs and spices with wild Islay heather. Shop for Nerabus Gin HERE

So, if gin is your thing, why not try one of these delicious Scottish island gins! What’s more they are all produced by small island distilleries which support the island communities by providing employment as well as a product which is well and truly putting quality island produce on the global map! 

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