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About me

Apothecary’s Garden is based out of Staffin in the farthest reaches of the Isle of Skye’s East Coast and nestles between the magnificent Quiraing and Staffin Bay. Using inspiring and seasonal botanicals hand foraged or locally grown in Skye, Apothecary’s Garden makes handmade environmentally friendly soap.

Jeanette uses her training as a Medical Herbalist as well as her background in pharmacology to best use the natural pharmacopeia the herbs of Skye provide, combining them with the highest quality butters and oils to produce a range of luxury soaps that are paraben and SLS free.

Jeanette is passionate and dedicated to green ideals, keeping Apothecary’s Garden’s production processes and packaging as environmentally friendly as possible by only using recyclable, recycled, or compostable materials when packaging and posting soaps.